Ray is an artist, illustrator and curator. During his 23 year career in New York, he has worked for major US publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Billboard, Time, Newsweek, Harper’s and numerous other. He has recently exhibited his art in personal and group shows in New York, Vilnius, Kiev, Wroclaw, Vienna, Geneva and London. www.raybartkus.com


Tom Chiu’s Ensemble Metrix is a mixed – instrumentation group exploring experimental music in a variety of styles and genres, including the recontextualization of existing material. It is crushed, deconstructs and melodic hooks and motivic riffs, and weaves these fragments into a structured, minimalistic jam, resembling a DJ’s pre-determined playlist. Musical works by Tom Chiu will be performed by a group of famous, deserved instrumentalists from Lithuania.


United States artist Eli Elysee, whose artistic work is “St. Jurgis from Ethiopia “is one of the walls of Marijampolė Old Town decorated with the art symposium “Malonny’3” that has been held since 2016. This year, the artist returns to Marijampolė for the second time to spread his works. The birthplace of Eli Elysee is Haiti, but the place where he spent the majority of his life’s journey has been New York City. As Eli Elysee says, his DNA test result is of Cameroon/Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigerian, and Benin descent,  there’s been a drop of Finnish, Russian, British, Spanish/Portuguese, Native American, Mali, North African, and Scandinavian mixed-in. So this scientific reality has yielded credence to his inclusive hybridization of approaches in Art and Design and the associated tendencies of globalization with all that come with it. The art direction of Eli Elysee covers everything all of the idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies that outline hos amalgamated signature.

As Eli Elysee describes himself: „Artist? Yes. Industrial Designer? Yes. Ultimately, I am interested in story telling and a personal narrative in Art/Design that links us all.“